Admission Policy アドミッションポリシー





人文系の学問に必要な論理的な思考力と表現力を十分に持つと同時に, 自律的な学習と考察を通して問題を自ら発見し, 解決していく能力を有する人材。


人文系の学問の基礎となる言語や社会に関する学科について十分な能力を習得し, 希望する専攻分野に関連する他の学科についても基礎的な知識を有していることが望ましい。

  • 個別学力検査(前期)
    入学後の学習に必要となる基礎学力と思考力を十分に持ち, 人文系の学問に取り組むことのできる人材を選抜します。
  • 個別学力検査(後期)
  • 推薦入試
  • AC入試
  • 国際バカロレア特別入試

Admission Policy

Purpose of Human Resource Development

We foster truly cultured human resources capable of autonomously exploring human existence and culture as a product of human activity based on the question “What is a human being?”, who can engage proactively in an increasingly globalizing world and speak out on a variety of issues.

The Human Resources We Seek

We’re looking for human resources with the logical thinking skills and powers of expression needed in the humanities who also possess the skills to uncover and solve problems themselves through autonomous learning and thinking.

What We Want You To Learn Before Entering University

We want students to have acquired sufficient skills in subjects related to language and social studies, the foundation for the humanities, and to possess basic knowledge in other subjects related to their desired major.

Admission Policy/h5>

  • Individual Academic Screening (First Round)
    We select students with enough basic academic ability and thinking skills needed for studying after admission who would be able to handle the humanities.
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  • Individual Academic Screening (Second Round)
    We select students who possess the ability to think logically and express themselves, who have a strong thirst for knowledge and an inquisitive mind, and who demonstrate suitability to the humanities.
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  • Referral Entrance Exam
    We choose students who demonstrate unique awareness of issues, high motivation, and suitability to the humanities from among applicants who have acquired a solid foundation in high school.
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  • AC Entrance Examination
    We select students who can independently acquire expertise related to fields in the humanities, refine their own judgement, and possess creative problem-solving skills.
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  • <span class="title"Special International Baccalaureate Entrance Examination
    We select students with a strong interest in the humanities, who possess a strong thirst for knowledge and an inquisitive mind, and who have the potential to raise new questions from a more global perspective.