College and School Examination 学類・専門学群選抜






出願事前登録期間 出願書類提出期間 試験日 合格発表 入学手続
(募集要項にて発表) 令和6年1月22日(月)


900点満点 5・6教科7~8科目型です。

教科 科目名等 選択数 配点
国語 200
地歴 世A、世B、日A、日B、地理A、地理B 左のうちから2 200
公民 現社、倫、政経、倫・政経
数I・数A 200
数II・数B、簿、情報 左のうちから1
理科 物基、化基、生基、地基 左のうちから2 100
物理、化学、生物、地学 左のうちから1
英(リスニング含む。)、独、仏、中、韓 左のうちから1 200




1800点満点 個別学力検査(二次試験)の教科・科目は以下の表の通りです。

教科 科目名等 選択数 配点
現代文B・古典B 600
地歴 世B、日B、地理Bから1 1教科選択 600
英、独、仏、中 左のうちから1(事前選択) 600




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*General Selection is run on the same schedule as selection for colleges and schools. Students who undergo General Selection take a exam in larger category such as humanities, and if they pass and enroll at the university, they will belong to an educational organization called the School of Comprehensive Studies in their first year rather than a specific school or college. 30 of these students will enter the College of Humanities in their second year.


Pre-registration Period Application Period Test Date Pass/Fail Announcement Admission Procedures
January 17 (Mon) to February 4 (Fri), 2022 January 24 (Mon) to February 4 (Fri), 2022 February 25 (Fri), 2022 March 8 (Tue), 2022 March 11 (Fri) to March 14 (Mon), 2022

Common Test for University Admissions Subject & Course Names and Point Allotment

5/6 subjects and 7 to 8 courses , for a total score of 900 points.

Subject Class Name No. Selected/th>

Point allotment
Country Language 200
Geography and History World History A, World History B, Japanese History A, Japanese History B, Geography A, Geography B 2 out of the left 200
Civics Modern Society, Ethics, Politics & Economics, Ethics/Politics & Economics
No. Math I/Math A 200
Math II/ Math B, Accounting, Information 1 out of the left
Science Physical, Chemical, Biological, Geographical 2 out of the left 100
Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography 1 out of the left
Foreign Language English (including listening), German, French, Chinese, Korean 1 out of the left 200

NOTE: In Geographical History and Civics, test takers may not select two courses that contain the same name in combination. (Combination of courses that contain the same name include World History A and World History B, Japanese History A and Japanese History B, Geography A and Geography B, Ethics and Ethics, Politics, & Economy, and Politics & Economy and Ethics, Politics, & Economy.)

There are other precautions to be aware of for dealing with subjects on the Common Test for University Admissions. Please check the application guidelines.

Individual Academic Ability Test Subject & Course Names and Point Allotment

Subjects and courses for the Individual Academic Ability Test (Second Test) are as follows, and amount to 1800 points total.

Subject Class Name No. Selected Point allotment
Country Modern Japanese B, Classic Japanese B 600
Geography and History World History B, Japanese History B, Geography B to 1 Select 1 Subject 600

Foreign Language English, German, French, Chinese 1 from the left (pre-select) 600

Admission Policy

We’re looking for: human resources with the logical thinking skills and powers of expression needed in the humanities who also possess the skills to uncover and solve problems themselves through autonomous learning and thinking.

What we want students to have learned before admission: We want students to have acquired sufficient skills in subjects related to language and social studies, the foundation for the humanities, and to possess basic knowledge in other subjects related to their desired major.