Qualifications 取得可能資格





中学校教諭一種 国語、社会、英語
高等学校教諭一種 国語、地理歴史、公民、英語








List of Available Qualifications

Here, we present the qualifications available based on courses taken in the College of Humanities.

Junior/Senior High School Teaching License

At the College of Humanities, which passes on the tradition of its predecessor schools such as the Tokyo University of Education, many graduates have obtained junior and senior high school teaching licenses and are working in the world of education. Students can obtain the first-class junior or senior high school teaching license by taking the prescribed subjects based on subjects taken in the College of Humanities and practicing teaching (nursing care experience also required for junior high school teaching license).

First class junior high school teaching license Japanese, Social Studies, English
First class senior high school teaching license Japanese, Geography and History, Civics, English

Because subjects required for qualifications overlap and the number of combined junior/senior high schools is on the rise, the same subjects are often used to obtain first class junior and senior high school teaching licenses.
Some students also enter the Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences or the Master’s Program in Education at the University of Tsukuba after obtaining a first class junior or senior high school teaching license to obtain an even more specialized teaching license.

For details, please see the introduction to the teacher training course on the University of Tsukuba websiteand “Courses Required to Obtain a Teaching License and Other Qualifications” in the course catalogue.


By taking the prescribed courses and undergoing practical training in museums, students can obtain qualifications as a curator and work in museums, art galleries, boards of education, and more. Many students obtain this qualification.

Other Qualifications

Another qualification available is the Specialist in Religious Culture. This qualification is granted to those who have learned about the history of Japanese and world religions  from specialized teaching staff, and who broadened their perspective and sought deeper understanding on religion. Students can obtain examination qualifications by taking the Religious Studies Course.

For details, please see the Center for Education in Religious Culture website.